Welcome to Lincoln Footnotes!  This website is dedicated to the quirky little stories about Abraham Lincoln, his friends, and his town that show up in mainstream biographies as footnotes, if they show up at all, but are nevertheless fascinating bits of history.    Lincoln didn't just steer the country through the Civil War;  he was also personally acquainted with a member of the Donner Party, and he denied Moby Dick author Herman Melville a job when he was President,  and one of his political acquaintances was killed after getting smushed by a campaign pole during an election year.  There are a million little footnotes to Lincoln's life, and all of them are interesting stories in their own right.

Check out my blog for weekly stories about Lincoln and his friends dug out of newspapers, archives, and out -of-print books.   

 Or, if you'd prefer a larger compilation of new Lincoln stories, I've written a book exploring some of the more salacious acts committed in Lincoln's Springfield, often times by people Lincoln knew personally. Wicked Springfield: Crimes, Corruption, and Scandal During the Lincoln Era, will published by The History Press in February 2010.   Follow the link on the left to learn more or to order a copy.